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Advocating for Parents, Teachers & Students in Conejo Valley


About Joelle

A native of southern California and 25 year Conejo Valley resident, Joelle is the mother of three adult children who moved to Conejo Valley to find quality schools and a community that her family could call home.   Joelle comes from a long line of public school teachers, including her mom, dad, and grandparents.  She and her husband, Joe, have been small business owners since they were married 29 years ago and have been active in coaching youth sports, creating  academic programs that teach the foundations of freedom, statesmanship, self-sufficiency, hard work, and public service in the community.  She is an advocate for parent involvement in public education through input and transparency in the classroom curriculum and believes that family culture and values reflected in the curriculum is pivotal in providing education that will make the Conejo Valley thrive.  She has been a voice for leadership education and understands the importance of preparing our students not only for career or business success but also as parents and community leadership after graduation. Joelle Mancuso will be a voice for all our families in Conejo Valley and believes a successful experience in CVUSD includes collaboration between board trustees, parents, teachers, school administrators, and the community at large. 



State of the School Board

The School Board is a Non-Partisan Governing Body that was created to serve the students, educators, and families of Conejo Valley.  The Board’s partisan politics, in pursuit of personal agendas, has derailed our educational outcomes for ALL students. If we continue to vote in leaders that perpetuate these extreme views, on either side, our students will pay the price. My support of students, parents, and educators spans all backgrounds, beliefs, and political views and I want to represent all types of families.

Parents Voices Must Be Heard

Parent frustration is at an all time high and students have become collateral to political agendas. Community trust must be healed through transparency and parent notification on controversial topics. ​​We, as parents, are our children’s first teachers and as such, their greatest advocates. I believe the focus must remain on students and their families, not special interests. Parents should be supported to make educational choices for their children, not the government.

Partner With Teachers so They Can Focus on What They Know Best 

The majority of teachers are overwhelmed right now. There are simply not enough minutes in the day to teach the required curriculum. We need to review all the requirements for teachers and re-prioritize and remove some of those requirements so that they can better manage their day to day teaching. We need to recommit to quality CORE instruction and offer support for teachers to re-establish and maintain high expectations for all students. We must not remove grading and standards, which would lower student motivation and expectations. Good teachers must be respected and compensated because they are the  most valuable asset for the children.

Focus on Academic Excellence and Equity of Access to Core Curriculum

I will support policies that protect ALL students as well as help to re-prioritize access to quality academic instruction. The current board has spent a tremendous amount of time working to implement social and political initiatives that distract from the core academics a child should receive.  Every child, at every level and background, should be supported, encouraged, and challenged to achieve their highest goals.

Implement Physical Safety Frameworks to Keep Campuses Safe 

I will support campuses that are designed to keep the learning environment safe for all students. We need two physical upgrades. 1) Security cameras at schools. 2) Single-entry campuses to prevent walk-on violence. School safety is important to everyone, regardless of their political beliefs, and should not be used as a vehicle to promote partisan talking points.   The current board has allowed special interest groups to influence their decision to severely reduce School Resource Officers on campuses~citing that “their presence is too punitive”. The way forward is to work with specially trained SROs as a way to bridge the gap between youth and law enforcement.

Advance Manual Arts and the Trades

There are many ways to be successful in life. Some students seek higher education and go to college/university while many seek a different path. I will promote a robust Manual Arts/Trades Program in the mechanical, building, industrial and biotech trades.  We have dedicated trade teachers that require more support to provide a program that will create a swell of opportunity for those students who excel at hands-on skills.  Many businesses in Conejo Valley are ready and willing to work with our students upon graduation so that they can enter into life-supporting professions quickly.  


District Map

Identify your area, and which candidate to support!

Joelle endorses the campaigns of her district running-mates Karen Meyer and Sophia deDomenico

Area 2 (green) - Joelle Mancuso
Area 3 (red) - Karen Meyer (click here to visit Karen's site)
Area 4 (blue) - Sophia deDomenico (click here to visit Sophia's site)



Joelle is supported by the following organizations and public figures


CVUSD Teachers

Gary Norwalt -Colina Middle School

Melodee Smith- Redwood Middle School

Keith Jones- Sequoia Middle School

Jennifer Fisher- Banyan Elementary

Andrew Bowler- Thousand Oaks HS

Masha Unigovskaya - Westlake High School

Nancy Bowman- Retired Westlake High School

Alan Rose -Retired Westlake High School

Emily Fick  -Aspen Elementary 

Chris Catalano- Colina Middle School

Amanda Campbell- Colina Middle School

Debbie Owens- Horizon Hills

Nicole Vitto-Sycamore Canyon K-8

Valerie Stillwell-Thousand Oaks High School

Rod Stillwell-Thousand Oaks High School

Jessie Shook Sequoia Middle School

Aimee Sturgess - Redwood Middle School

Jonathan Murphy - Redwood Middle School

James Cook - Redwood Middle School

Bryant Fick - Redwood Middle School

Bill Csellak-Westlake and TOHS-Retired

Joanne Yoos-CVUSD Asst Principal-Retired


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